About Flowmentum Dating

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Chris is the co-founder of Flowmentum Dating, and the lead in-field instructor. With minimal experience with the opposite sex until his early 20s, he was fortunate enough to discover the dating advice/success community, which not only improved his ability to socialise and meet women over the following years, but opened the door for exploration into many other relevant self-development topics.

Today, Chris regularly helps men pro-actively eliminate their social anxiety issues, and attract more women into their life through real-world experience. He doesn’t believe in manipulation, pushing people around or being the most “alpha” person in the room – instead, advocating a more natural and realistic approach, which leads to greater opportunities for social networking and romantic involvement with women.

adelaide malls ballsWith Flowmentum Dating, he relishes the role of a passionate and experienced mentor – helping men avoid frustration and failure, learning how to achieve the confidence and competence in the dating scene they want and deserve. Get into the flow and become the person you were meant to me!

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