Resilience and Faith in The Journey

For deep-level change and ultimate success in the dating game, you must always have faith in the long-term journey, making a commitment to keep moving forward through the natural ups of downs. This is primarily achieved through positivity and resilience, regarding your ability to maintain a consistently good emotional state, without being negatively affected or […]

The Dating Game Trifecta

When it comes to dating and relationships, there are many factors that contribute towards becoming the “best version of yourself” and attracting the women you desire (or one particular woman that you would like to form a deeper long-term connection with). Most of this comes from “Inner Game”, believing you are worthy and acting in […]

First Impressions: Five Tips To Open Effectively

The topic of creating and maintaining interactions applies to many situations, in our personal and professional lives, but (as usual) this article will specifically address meeting women on the relationship side of things. Without a favourable (enough) response to initial communication, it can be difficult to develop a productive communication for any purpose, let alone […]

Inner Game: Five Tips To Master Your Mind

There’s usually a bigger focus on outer game, referring to one’s actions (the practical “mechanics” of the process), but I believe inner game is frequently overlooked – one’s beliefs and mindsets about themselves and interactions with women. The fundamentals of your identity and world-view will automatically guide your natural behaviours, on many occasions. Fortunately, correcting […]