Just a Numbers Game?

A lot of people ask whether pick-up and dating success is just a numbers game, and over the years I’ve considered both sides of the argument myself, eventually leading to a realistic and well-measured conclusion that takes into account many complex variables. The question stems from how much it boils down to random chance, compared […]

The Flowmentum Coaching Experience

One-on-one practical coaching has remained our main focus at Flowmentum Dating. Maybe you have considered signing up, but didn’t know what to expect and needed more clarity about what’s involved. Or you needed more information to help recommend Flowmentum coaching to others, who are interested in improving their dating life (and learning things that will […]

Confidence Is Not Attraction

…but it is definitely attractive, if you properly understand how to embody and implement it. A lot of people seem to think confidence and attraction are basically the same thing, perhaps brainwashed by the media and not having enough of their own real-world experience, which is why I’ve decided to explain my thoughts on the topic. When […]

What’s Your Batting Average?

During my self-development journey, over the last couple of years in particular, I’ve drawn a significant amount of philosophical and practical inspiration from the teachings of Real Social Dynamics – which I have applied and pass onto students to get their minds wired properly for success. One of the fundamental mindsets that really resonated with […]

Be Sangfroid, My Friends

Wait, you’ve never heard of “Sangfroid” (pronounced “Suhn-Frah”) before? It’s an actual word in the English dictionary. noun | coolness of mind; calmness; composure: “They committed the robbery with complete sang-froid.” In other words, composure in the face of difficulty or danger – or at least, what your brain merely perceives to be dangerous or […]