Track Your Progress

What’s up, keen Flowmentumers? Just wanted to dive into a practical topic that emphasises the importance of what you do outside the field, not just the immediate actions within the field. The “field” referring to life experiences and social situations, especially interactions with women. I’m talking about recording and tracking your progress, particularly creating written or […]

Public Hero vs Public Enemy

An observation I’ve made from experience – consistently going out and pro-actively pushing the comfort zone – is the feeling of either being “Public Hero” or “Public Enemy Number One” (terms explained below), and sometimes this might feel completely beyond your control. A positive or negative energy and automatic association, spread throughout the collective consciousness, which […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

As you’ve probably noticed, “Taking Action” is a phrase I frequently use… and will probably continue using in relation to various future topics. While the meaning and implications may seem obvious, there may also be a degree of ambiguity or misinterpretation, so consider this a formal explanation to make sure everyone’s on the same page. […]

Consistency is Key

What is “consistency”? Maintaining a sense of humble ambition, commitment and systematic context-based learning as you encounter various levels of success and failure, especially in your journey of self-improvement and experience with the opposite sex. Keeping level-headed and realistic, while taking action and developing good emotions and mindsets in the face of challenge and perceived adversity, is […]

The Idea of “Naturals”

At some point you might have heard the term “Naturals”… or at least, thought about guys who are naturally good with women. Guys that haven’t purposely gone out of their way to learn and improve their abilities – and you’ve wondered why you were never like them. What’s the difference? It mainly boils down to social and […]