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Hey there! I’m Chris, and I’ve been helping men greatly improve their dating lives – those who lack the confidence and ability to attract the women they desire into their lives. From a sustainable casual dating lifestyle to finding that one special someone to settle down with long-term, I’m dedicated to your achievement and fulfilment.

For now, it’s important to realise that it’s not your fault you were never blessed with smooth “powers” to seduce women – why should you take the blame? Society has put up many barriers, so it can be difficult to know exactly what’s stopping you from success in the confusing “maze” of conflicting thoughts and self-doubt. Luckily I’ve been through the maze, and can properly guide you with a eagle-eye view of every situation.

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We’re not looking for casual “weekend warriors”, with a passing interest in self-development and meeting women that quickly fades over time – instead, our coaching system has been designed for those who are genuinely committed to making this part of their lifestyle.

In other words, we’re looking for people who want to forever shift their paradigminternalising lessons by frequently taking action, and taking their “game” to the next level.

A personal consultation and “plan of attack” will be available for every member of our coaching program, helping target specific areas and achieve your goals quickly as possible. Coaching members are given priority and focus in any situation.

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Click here for a detailed description and outline of the Flowmentum coaching experience. In summary, these principles have been designed to ensure the greatest success within our coaching time, along with the greatest potential for continued long-term growth.

Get Started!

To schedule your FREE no-obligation consultation, email Chris directly: flowmentumdating@gmail.com. After getting to know each other more and discussing the process involved, if you wish to proceed, we will organise a coaching session (details below).

$85 (ages 18-22)

$95 (ages 23+)

At a convenient time and location for myself and student, for approximately 3-4 hours, we will meet to identify and develop social/dating skills through in-field experience. A specific plan of action, interaction feedback assessment and debrief will be included to maximise your learning and success within a relatively short time frame. However, extra sessions can be requested beyond the first one.

We strive to provide our customers with the greatest experiences and outcomes they desire – in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, Flowmentum Dating offers a full money-back guarantee. Only valid within seven days of the conclusion of your coaching period.

Flowmentum coaching is currently only available in Adelaide, Australia.