Consistency is Key

What is “consistency”? Maintaining a sense of humble ambition, commitment and systematic context-based learning as you encounter various levels of success and failure, especially in your journey of self-improvement and experience with the opposite sex. Keeping level-headed and realistic, while taking action and developing good emotions and mindsets in the face of challenge and perceived adversity, is key to changing and getting the results you want.

I know many guys who understand this and have consistently applied themselves to change and succeed – making a fast identity shift and conquering what previously held them back, realising the process can be fun and insightful but also very challenging at times.

On the flip-side, I believe it goes wrong for most men for many possible reasons: they intermittently dabble because they’re already happy and never wanted to change badly enough, set unrealistic expectations/goals, make excuses instead of being honest, lack patience and want instant results, believe this process should be easy and painless, cannot “draw state from within” and look externally for validation, and/or simply struggle to maintain their motivation (which could reflect how they treat other areas of life).

Phew, sounds like a whole bucketload of negative traits huh? Such is the unfortunate reality for many though, sabotaging themselves without realising it. Never “seeing the forest through the trees”, therefore never being committed enough to consistently apply themselves. Fluctuations of interest and optimism can also become a vicious cycle – something triggers a call to action and heightened self-belief, the seemingly right action is taking, failure and no improvement is perceived, self-belief dwindles and less action is taken until it stops completely.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly normal for emotional states and practical outlooks to vary, even among the most experienced and resilient guys with typically good beliefs. And sometimes it can certainly be beneficial in many ways to take breaks, constructively reflect and especially maintain a well-balanced lifestyle that incorporates other aspects to keep you busy and content, beyond just focusing on being more attractive person and bringing women into your life.

But when it becomes too extreme or prolonged, it represents a lack of commitment and severely hinders your chance to make any real progress. Not just in terms of tangible outcomes, but forcing yourself to learn the right lessons and train yourself to “build momentum” within a relatively short period of time. Some might even give up completely, but others might go in the complete opposite direction – eventually deciding to “wipe the slate clean”, and with nothing to lose and everything to gain, do intense time-based challenges and missions that force them to frequently take action – which not only takes down limiting beliefs and barriers, but quickly develops a better understanding about the power of consistency alone.

Going through this kind of dedicated period trains you to become more resilient in the future, along with building a more genuine long-term self-belief… rather than one that crumples too easily, thus destroying your desire to take action with any consistency. Purposefully cultivating a cycle that usually feeds itself; whatever it takes to create an upward spiral. These dedicated periods can also spontaneously arise, without needing to be specifically planned ahead of time – as I have experienced from time to time over the years.

Either way, you owe yourself a certain level of consistency (and will be rewarding for sticking to plans of action) – in the short-term and eventually the long-term, from potential deep-level identity changes to naturally correcting the practical application of principles in succeeding with women and/or other parts of your life. Practicing in the “field” is of most importance, but the consistency ideal extends further to your general way of thinking, interpretation of challenges and problem-solving tenacity, seeking appropriate resources and assistance from external sources when needed, etc. Life is ongoing, and if you stop for too long, it wont wait for you to catch up. Never rest on your laurels!

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