Momentum: More Than a Buzzword

The term “Momentum” (or more specifically Social Momentum) gets bandied around a lot these days, and it would be easy to disregard as some kind of intangible excuse – for example, attributing a failure or shortcoming to not having developed enough “momentum”. And we know that excuses and limited beliefs should be removed from our thinking, to see the truth and be more honest about what’s happening.

While partially true, momentum has proven many times to be significantly more important than people realise – especially when it comes to increasing social comfort, confidence and taking more effective action with ultimately less conscious awareness involved. Doesn’t that sound good?

In terms of one’s behavioural psychology when interacting with others, I define social momentum as the natural by-product of taking massive action in a relatively short time, while maintaining a positive attitude – regardless of what action was taken and the outcome it produced. Whatever level you’re at, having more momentum frees your mind to operate more efficiently and produce better results.

Granted, there’s certainly a bit of faith required in believing its power (along with experience), although in many subtle and interesting ways, the benefits begin to manifest even with a small amount. Not too dissimilar to how a car will start moving if the wheel is turning, even at a very low speed, before the wheels turn increasingly faster to get the car covering more ground quickly.

How does this apply to success with women? It means taking baby steps, enjoying the process of going out and being sociable, express yourself, giving value… any leverage to take action, which provides leverage to take more action and push your comfort zone every time. Because if you can’t even get that car rolling at a slow pace (low-level success), you can abandon the notion of speeding down the highway without a care in the world (high-level ideal success). But we certainly don’t want you to abandon that notion. Get out there and have fun.

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