Resilience and Faith in The Journey

For deep-level change and ultimate success in the dating game, you must always have faith in the long-term journey, making a commitment to keep moving forward through the natural ups of downs. This is primarily achieved through positivity and resilience, regarding your ability to maintain a consistently good emotional state, without being negatively affected or influenced by factors that are often beyond your control. It’s all about mental toughness – one of the key factors that separates those who put in the work and eventually make it, from those who give up too soon (or fail to even begin) and never achieve the results they desire.

Your sense of fulfilment and self-worth should not be determined by the attitudes and opinions of others, but rather found in the actions and learning process of your purpose and goals. It’s generally difficult for most people to be well-balanced and focused all the time, due to natural fluctuations of energy and mood, but the more you can take control of your situation and let go of what you can’t control, the better off your state and mentality will be in the long-run.

If you become more frustrated than usual and feel like nothing is working out, take a moment to relax and put things in perspective. Circumstances are often unpredictable, but as long as you continue taking action and remove the pressure/urgency to cultivate the ideal outcome every time, there’s plenty to learn from any situation (or specific interaction), and with more chance you will feel good enough to radiate a more appealing (less outcome-dependent) energy.

From what I can tell, the majority of people who get involved with self-development and “game” to improve their dating life, will generally dabble and lose interest fairly quickly – unable to deal with any setbacks and failing to see the “bigger picture”. Short-term pain leads to overall long-term success – you need to be embracing these learning experiences, rather than trying to avoid them, because there’s no other way to expand your comfort zone and improve your confidence.

To succeed with dating and relationships, the ability to persevere through adversity is imperative – the better you are capable of surviving the “bad times”, the more you will flourish during the “good times”. Good feelings, situations and outcomes can be viewed as a reward for remaining process-oriented and emotionally-stable, even when nothing seems to be going your way, and your faith is being tested (and confidence being threatened) by a lack of tangible success.

No matter who you are, there’s no avoiding countless disappointments and being constantly “tested” in many different ways, but if you understand and accept that’s part of the process, your “inner game” will significantly benefit and you will be motivated to continue moving forward with positive attitudes and behaviours – recognising what you can and can’t control (based on your current level), and progressively making adjustments accordingly.

This has a cumulative effect over time, in turning you into a naturally better version of yourself – capable of controlling and achieving more, so the chances of finding and attracting women the right women for you, and developing your ideal dating/relationship situation, are constantly being shifted in your favour. But maintaining such optimism, and systematically achieving your goals, all starts with resilience. When the going gets tough, the tough become even more dedicated and determined to win and never give up!

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