Success Stories

Aleksander G, Adelaide, SA

I came out of a long-term relationship and wanted to start meeting women again. Within a couple of sessions, I got a lot of girl’s numbers and kiss-closes – but more importantly, learned life skills to improve myself and become a better man.

They don’t just tell you how to do it, and they don’t just show you how to do it… they involve you, so you learn their methods and psychology of a natural attractor of women.

Max F, Adelaide, SA

Chris is a fantastic mentor, who has developed great game and takes your development very seriously.

He is always there for you – when you have questions to ask about game, texting or just for a laugh. Having someone who can identify your mistakes and immediately provide feedback to correct them is absolutely invaluable, and will skyrocket your progress.

Just seeing him in action gives you the references for what’s actually possible – this alone is worth hiring him as a coach.

Richard M, Adelaide, SA

The session was an ideal introduction to day-game for me, and after a few months of applying what he taught me, I can say my day-game is now definitely stronger than my night-game. Chris offers a lot of great advice and helped me develop the mindsets to succeed with women.

Patryk U, Adelaide, SA

I had massive approach anxiety and worried about running out of things to say.

During our sessions, I encountered several barriers that Chris addressed straight away by creating invaluable mental shifts that worked as leverage towards improvement.

The whole experience came wrapped up in a bubble of fun, and at times when there weren’t any women to talk to, there were good vibes and laughter making it a continuous party. The vibing was a lesson in itself.

Even several weeks after getting coached, going out and applying the knowledge, you still continue learning as you actually see things happen in front of your eyes – which Chris might have explained previously, but you have not yet encountered.

Ben C, Ceduna, SA

My experience with Chris and Flowmentum Dating was definitely positive. Even if I didn’t feel like like going out, I was able to feed off the confidence and energy levels that Chris brings, and I quickly stopped being nervous during each session, approaching girls and having fun.

On the nights that I was receiving coaching, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and regularly got numbers. The momentum I gained also helped me on other nights, when I wasn’t receiving coaching. He is flexible with booking times, too. A helpful experience that I would recommend to others.

Steve L, Adelaide, SA

Day-gaming in the mall with zero experience to number closing a blonde entering a formal party.

All my attempts talking to women during the day were destroyed by approach anxiety… until I met Chris. He showed me a simple way; just from being around him I opened up much more, and was able to talk and arrange meet-ups with three beautiful women during the day – effortlessly.

I was amazed at what we achieved, and recommend Chris’ services to anyone who wants women telling you that talking to them “made her day”. Terrific training from a great bloke.

Jeremy M, Adelaide, SA

I had known PUA theory from quite a while, but Chris showed me how it’s applied in real-life, also teaching me to approach and act in spite of fear and anxiety.

To be honest, just a few coaching sessions alone won’t transform you from an average shy guy to a ladies man. However, Chris put me on a path to mastery that will continue for several months in to the future. The biggest benefit for me is the continuous support provided by Chris and the like-minded community he introduced me to.

Justin R, Adelaide, SA

Before the seminar, I was always trying to think of the right thing to say to women. I was taught how to be more observant about the world around me, and learned to live in the moment. This helped me gain social confidence, which led me to better results with women.